Two Component OneStep

We've created a new video demonstrating the Two Component OneStep feature. It's a more advanced type of OneStep that opens up new applications. The video discusses both the operation and the potential applications of Two Component OneStep.

New Technology for Fragment Screening

Learn how to make decisions earlier in FBLD. "The Utility of DiSPR in Fragment-based Drug Discovery: A Case Study" is presented by Tony Giannetti, Ph.D. of Genentech.

Click here to download the slides from this presentation.

Fragment Based Drug Discovery with Pioneer FE

Helen Philippou Ph.D. from Leeds University talking about the utility of Pioneer FE as a means to screen drug discovery fragments for hit, at the 2015 Fragments Conference.

Click here to view University of Leeds' application note on the subject.

Biophysical Application using diSPR

Gianpiero Garau Ph.D. from Italian Institute of Technology discusses his work with SensiQ Pioneer and FastStep after the 2015 User meeting in Milan.

SensiQ Customer Video

Watch customer testimonials about the SensiQ line of instruments.

Watch customer testimonials about the SensiQ line of instruments.

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